Pyrex Coddled Egg

To be honest, I have never had a coddled egg, so I am not a very objective judge of how it turned out. But I was quite pleased with it. Unfortunately, I could not find a coddler at any local shops, and the narrowest oven-safe dish I could find was a 10 cm wide Pyrex dish, and a ceramic bowl and lid slightly smaller. I followed the recipe posted on ‘i am a food blog’. Instead of potatoes, I used some leftover roasted pumpkin that was in the fridge. I mashed some of it up and lined the bottom of the dish with it, then added two eggs. I also placed a piece of fresh rosemary on top with the hope that as it was steaming the flavor of the rosemary would settle into the eggs and add a nice little twist. It worked quite well, and I would imagine fresh dill, basil or thyme would have a similar effect.

I used a ceramic bowl with a lid for the first attempt. I checked it at 15 minutes, and the edges of the whites were just setting. The sweet spot was probably somewhere around 28 minutes, but I got sidetracked and the yolks had thickened considerably by the time I took it out at about 35 minutes. For the second attempt, I used a Pyrex dish topped with aluminum foil. This one took just over 20 minutes, and yielded runny yolks and set egg whites. I could not have been happier. The eggs were incredibly creamy and smooth – this is a dish I will certainly make again.

With just a crack of pepper, it's ready to eat.

With just a crack of pepper, it’s ready to eat.


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