Week 3: Recap

It seems that eggs five ways turned into eggs eight ways, haha. It’s easy to get carried away when doing something I enjoy. To recap, I made eggs that were sunny side up, over-easy, over-well, poached, coddled, steeped in tea, steamed in a savory way, and steamed to make a delicious egg pudding. This was a fun week of trying stuff out, and getting the hang of different cooking techniques. What I enjoyed most about this week though, was sharing the food I made with friends. I often forget how much enjoyment I get from sharing what I cook with others. It partially stems from my love of receiving feedback, even when it’s not positive. Feedback drives me to play with recipes I have used before, to be more creative with my cooking and to try preparing new things.

While I did discover some new ways to prepare and eat eggs this week, my go-to breakfast eggs are unlikely to change dueto morning time constraints during the workweek. But I will certainly be more creative with my weekend breakfasts, and try to have people over for brunch more often so that I have an excuse to experiment with some new recipes.

Now, on to week 4!


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