Week 4: Push-ups and Pull-ups

I have never been able to master the proper form for push-ups or pull-ups. I remember those two exercises being the part of physical fitness tests that I dreaded most in grade school. Now that I am out of school, I have had no reason to do either, but I would like to improve my upper-body strength. Also, I’ve always been a little embarrassed that I can’t do either, so it’s time to address that.

Tomorrow, I will meet with one of my friends who is a bit of a fitness/balance guru to get some tips on proper technique and form for each. I don’t know how much of my inability to do the two exercises is that I have such poor upper body strength, or if it’s that I have poor form that is putting excessive strain on my muscles (I hope it’s the latter). Despite being a swimmer, I have got poor upper body strength and always have.

Now time to peruse the internet for tips, tricks, strength building exercises, etc…


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