Push-ups & Pull-ups (A Work In Progress)

Well, this is turning out to be a challenging week. My friend’s advice all boiled down to repetition, and correcting my posture for push-ups (I wasn’t keeping my back straight). So, everyday I’ve been going by the park after work and using the pull-up bars for a little bit. For now, I am focusing on doing a flexed arm hang, with a very slow controlled release down. My arms are on fire after doing a few holds, but the amount of time I can hold myself up for has gone from about 15 seconds, to 30 seconds, and I’m pretty pleased with that. Also, I can now do a pull-up from a dead hang! I haven’t quite mastered the controlled descent after that, but it’s a start. Swimming has been essential this week to keep my muscles from knotting up too much. I’ve been trying to go everyday for 20-40 min to do some laps at a relaxed pace to keep everything loose and in-line.

For the push-ups I have been practicing holding positions at various points in the push-up (peak, middle, and lowest point). Holding myself in the lowest position is still incredibly hard, but I am noticing some improvement with each day. One thing that my friend recommended was practicing planking to strengthen my back so that I can hold a straight body line for push-ups more easily. My roommate got a kick out of coming home to me planking between the arms of our two couches.  I’m not sure how much this helps, but I get a kick out of it, and it makes sense, so why not? I can now do 4 consecutive push-ups without thinking my shoulders are going to fall off, shooting for 10 by the end of the week!


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