Week 6: Whistling With Fingers

Ever since I started playing sports as a kid, I have wanted to learn how to whistle with my fingers. It’s such a commanding sound. I had no problem learning to whistle regularly as a kid, and can easily whistle out a tune or a song, but I have never been able to get the hang of whistling with my fingers. Granted, my only lessons and attempts at learning have been limited to friends giving a few little pointers of what works for them, which usually boils down to, ‘I don’t know. It just works.’ Well, it does not, or has not just worked for me. So now, I turn to the internet! If anyone has any recommendations, I am all ears!

I decided on this for my sixth week of learning, because it does not require any supplies, and I am going to be on the road for four days this week. I will probably be camping for one or two of those nights, so the less I can bring the better!

Wish me luck!


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