How to Wolf Whistle

This week, I read through lots of tutorials for how to wolf-whistle (finger whistle) online. Many were from sports magazines, no big surprise there, but the instructions and images did not click with me. After much perusing of the internet, I came across this YouTube video: How To Whistle (One Hand & Two Hand), and finally, I produced something that kind of resembled a whistle. With lots of practice and fine-tuning, I got the hang of it.

I played around with different finger configurations over the past week. I found that the two-handed whistle (using four fingers) was easiest to learn, and is the most consistent. Whistling with just two fingers is still a bit tricky.

On my trip, I taught a few of my friends how to whistle like this as well. And it came in handy while trying to locate each other on a crowded beach!

How to wolf whistle:

First, wash your hands, and have a towel or something close by to wipe your hands on as you practice (you’ll be spitting on your hands as you’re learning).

Then, fold the tip of your tongue back onto your tongue. Tip: Your tongue should be back about mid-way in your mouth, and should not be touching the roof of your mouth.

Next, position whatever fingers you plan to use into a point. Tip: I found that it was easier to use a narrow angle when using the four finger technique, and a wide angle for the two finger technique.

Then, rest your fingers on the underside of your tongue, but not past the tip of the tongue. Tip: It may help to apply a very small amount of pressure to the underside of your tongue when trying to whistle.

Make sure that your lips are sealed around the outside of your fingers such that there is only a small space in-between your fingers where your lips are not sealed to allow the air (whistle) to escape. Tip: It might help to curl your lips around your teeth but it is not necessary. Just make sure that there is only a small space for air to escape your mouth through.

Finally, blow air out of your mouth. Tip: Take long, slow breaths so that you can tweak your tongue angle, finger placement and mouth shape while you are blowing out until you start whistling.


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