Week 7: Speed Reading

Over my trip last week, I watched a friend finish four novels from cover to cover. When we got in the car at the start of the trip, he pulled out the four books and was considering which to read first. I could not believe that he was bringing four novels on our four-day trip, and commented on how excessive that seemed. Then he finished them all, and with time to spare. So we talked some about speed reading, and he gave me the instructional book with exercises that he used in college to teach himself to speed read.

With that, I decided to learn how to speed read this week, or at least to get down the basics, and improve my base rate. Hopefully, this will help me get through the massive stack of books I have accumulated since my last move. I have done a preliminary search online and it seems that there is a wealth of articles, software, games, etc. available to help one learn to speed read. I will look through them more thoroughly and will post about the ones that I think are most helpful.


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