Week 11: How To Make Paneer Cheese

Once I fell behind on posting, it was easy to keep putting it off. No more excuses though. I decided to give making paneer cheese a try to combine two of my favorite things, curry and cheese. Making the cheese was surprisingly easy and did not take long. I followed the recipe posted on Manjula’s Kitchen blog. The recipe is accompanied by a YouTube Video posted at the same link. It’s very straightforward, and simple. Unfortunately, my camera battery died before the cheese was done, and added to the curry. But it was delicious.

I was surprised that Manjula said that paneer cheese could be made with lowfat milk (1-2%), instead of requiring whole milk. I always thought that paneer cheese had to be made with whole milk. I used ultra-high pastuerized (UHT) whole milk (because it was what I could find at the store by my house). The milk curdles were very small, but the cheese came together alright. It was a little crumbly, but it held it’s shape while being fried before it was added to the curry.

I’ve read elsewhere that it can be made using balsamic vinegar, or even yogurt to curdle the milk. I’m looking forward to trying these options and seeing how they effect the texture and taste of the cheese, or if they do at all.

Squeezing the excess water from the paneer after rinsing it.
Squeezing the excess water from the paneer after rinsing it.
The finished paneer in its cloth.
The finished paneer in the cloth.

And here is the video from Manjula’s Kitchen:


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